The ICS Difference

Mission Statement

We are a Christ-centered learning community that equips and inspires students to thrive in God's world. 

Our Motto

Equip • Inspire • Thrive 



Stoddard Family Testimony

Growing up in the Midwest, we raised three boys starting them in the public schools then moving them to a private Evangelical high school. We found the Christian high school environment a tremendous growing experience in their young Christian lives. When we moved to Utah our daughter, Courtney, was in the 3rd grade. We evaluated the public school system and made the decision that Intermountain Christian School (ICS) was the best alternative that would give her a similar kind of Christian learning environment as her brothers.

In attending ICS these past 10 years, we have come to appreciate and value the quality education Courtney has received and the evidence of a closer relationship with the Lord. We love the fact that: 1) she has been challenged academically in classrooms where God is incorporated into the curriculum, 2) she has been led by teachers who take a personal interest in her and her spiritual growth, and 3) ICS, as a Christian community, comes around her to reinforce the values of our home. We appreciate the impact that ICS has had on Courtney’s life and believe it has prepared her well for college and beyond.