Guiding Statements


ICS is a Christ-centered learning community that equips and inspires students to thrive in God’s World.




Equip, Inspire, Thrive



Core Values

We are Christ-centered.

The ICS community is united in the truth of Psalm 24:1: “The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” All of our activities, curricular and co-curricular, seek to magnify the triune God.

We are a learning community.
The students, teachers, parents, staff, and administration of ICS partner in life-long learning to create and live in a relational environment conducive to optimal educational experiences for the whole child.
We equip students.
The ICS community relentlessly pursues exemplary and effective academics by teaching and developing students’ tools, skills and foundations in an engaged, Biblically-integrated learning environment.
We inspire students.
The ICS community affirms students as individuals and encourages them to solidify their identity in Christ, take ownership of their learning, and develop their unique character and talents while growing as image bearers of God (Col. 2:2-3). We share a goal of seeing our students thrive in God’s world. The ICS community, in prayer and practice, desires that our students flourish in living passionate and fulfilled lives using their gifts to impact Christ’s kingdom while at ICS and wherever they are called (John 10:10).



Philosophy of Education


Christ-Centered Learning Community
The culture of Intermountain Christian School is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Families and teachers partner together, informed by Scripture, to educate children about God, His world, and their place in it. The Christ-centered learning community is one in which students are challenged academically, encouraged spiritually, and led to embrace all that God has created them to be.


Intermountain Christian School believes teaching is rooted in the understanding that all students are created in God’s image and are uniquely gifted. The ICS community believes instruction should be engaging and differentiated in a way that challenges and enables all students to succeed. Teachers are encouraged to build and maintain relationships with each other, with families, and with students. Those relationships inspire a desire to learn, foster accountability to high standards, and develop an understanding of our purpose in God’s world.


Inspires to Thrive
Intermountain Christian School believes students have the ability to learn and grow as God has gifted them. Classroom environments are structured so that all students discover and engage with truth in various academic disciplines, all through the lens of Scripture. ICS believes learning occurs in a wide variety of contexts and happens best when students engage in what they are learning, build on prior knowledge, and enjoy the learning process. Education is always ongoing and is most effective when home and school partner together to provide a dynamic learning environment that prepares students to thrive in God’s world.



Graduate Profile

As ICS pursues its mission of equipping and inspiring students to thrive in God’s world, our purpose and what we work to produce, in concert with the Holy Spirit, are graduates who are...

Christlike in Character
They love like Jesus loves with passionate hearts of integrity.
a) Biblical Worldview - They live lives informed fully by Scripture.
b) Faithful in Difficulty - They embrace all of life with Godly grace, resilience and gratitude.
c) Loves in Diversity - In authentic community, they engage varying religions, cultures, attitudes and worldviews with God’s love and truth.
They utilize knowledge and experience with discernment in the fear of the Lord.
a) Well-Educated - They have completed a broad and comprehensive academic program with high standards.
b) Truth Discerner - They critically engage the culture from a basis of Biblical truth in the context of the world to which God has called them.
c) Well-Rounded - They enjoy and cultivate a wide range of God-given talents, gifts, and skills.
Whether dynamic leaders or quiet presences, they have meaningful and significant impact upon the world around them.
a) Effective Communicators - They express ideas and thoughts with wisdom, compassion and clarity.
b) Biblical Courage - They act with confidence following Jesus in all things.
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