For a few years, Pastor McClendon, senior pastor of The Evangelical Free Church, in consultation with a few key members of his church, felt a pull to establish a Christian school in the Salt Lake Valley. The need was great to help Christian families come alongside their children to disciple them in the foundations of their faith and helping them witness to those around them in the valley. Much prayer and thought went into what would soon be called Intermountain Christian School. Since 1981, ICS has been providing a solid Christian education along the Wasatch Front. From humble beginnings, Intermountain Christian School built, along with The Evangelical Church of Salt Lake City, its current facility in 1992.

Much has transpired in the 30 plus years since that all important decision was made. ICS has graduated over 400 students and has sent them in a multitude of directions and callings. Some students have gone on to become pastors, some have become lawyers and doctors, and still others have returned to either teach at ICS or be parents of their own ICS students.

Intermountain Christian School is forever grateful to Pastor McClendon and the original school board for their commitment to Christian Education in the Salt Lake Valley.