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The Ulster Project

September 25, 2017
By Taylor Hawes, Sophomore
This summer I participated in a project called the ULSTER Project. The ULSTER Project has a goal of peace and focuses on decreasing strife between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants. During the month of July, 12 teens plus two adult sponsors came to Salt Lake City from Omagh, Northern Ireland. They were greeted by 12 of us local teens, 2 adult sponsors and the local program directors. During the month all of us were busy nearly every day with service projects, leadership training and fun group activities. It stretched and challenged each of us uniquely and helped us see the importance of peace and unity.
This was a great opportunity to meet local and foreign teens outside of ICS. It opened my eyes to see a different culture and also see local kids and learn about their high school experiences. It made me aware of history and the conflict in Ireland. It challenged me to get along with different personality types other than my own. The project challenged me by going outside of my comfort zone and I made lots of new friends. We are trying to get together monthly to stay connected and also connect with our Norther Irish teens by Skype.
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