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What's up in Middle School?

October 12, 2017
By Denise Buckley


“What should be improved?” I hear Ben Gutzwiller, 6th Grader, ask. His STEM class is working on their latest project: figuring out how to have a paper cup travel down fishing line carrying a marble which must exit into a dish of sand upon reaching the end of the fishing line. As Mr. Wirkus walks around asking questions and offering assistance, none of the groups have yet witnessed success. But they are persevering.

Outside, Mrs. Lyzenga’s Heart and Sole class is loud with laughter. They are doing some sort of physical strategic game to strengthen their bodies...and their hearts. I am confident the laughter is doing as much to build their stamina as the exercise.

This morning Mrs. Edwards gave the 7th graders a section of the MAP test, something new this year. Both the teachers and the students are embracing the learning curve with energy and positive attitudes. Later today, our volleyball and soccer teams will show their skills on the court and field; Mr. Longoria works hard to make sure we have coaches, refs, and enough games on our schedule to make learning the sport fun.

Tomorrow we will have chapel: Mr. Hope will lead worship while Ms. Kari Elshaug from K2 will speak to our students. I am looking forward to what she has to say to us, though I will also miss our small group time. We have some great curriculum this year and I love the time I get to meet with my group of middle school girls to talk about real life issues.

Friday will bring the MSLT event at Cornbelly’s. I am not sure who is more excited: Mr. Schaap or the kids. He loves the chance to have fun with our students. Mrs Edwards will drive the bus and the students will enjoy each other’s company all the way to Thanksgiving Point, before challenging themselves in the corn maze.

This is a peek into a week in the ICS Middle School. Students learning. Teachers encouraging. Spiritual, emotional, and physical growth right alongside academic pursuits. A Middle School Team that cares for their students inside and outside the classroom. And an assistant principal who is grateful for her front row seat to witness the Christ-centered learning community our school provides as we equip and inspire our students to thrive.