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Congrats, Seniors!

Our Class of 2017 received, at current estimations, $2,180,600 in
scholarship offers. For the 20 graduates receiving ICS diplomas, each
student on average was offered $109,030 in scholarships. 4 of those
students were admitted to the Honors College of their chosen universities
and 3 students received CNA certifications preparing the way for their
Nursing degrees. One graduate was offered a full volleyball scholarship.
We are proud of the accomplishments of these graduates and are excited
to see how they will glorify God in this next adventure!



Congrats, Senior Abigail Florell!

Abigail Florell worked alongside physicians from
the University of Utah and Rockefeller University
in New York City on a project that culminated in
a first author publication in a peer reviewed
medical journal. This is very rare accomplishment
for a high school student, making Abigail one of
only a few in the nation with a scientific publication
on their resume. We are proud of Abigail's
commitment to her studies and her dedication to
work on this paper that took over a year to
compose. Just another reason to be Lion Proud!


ICS offers a complete educational experience regardless of the age of your student. Beginning with Pre-kindergarten programs that include half-day and full-day (3 and 5 days per week) schedules and finishing with seniors in the high school program, your student will learn the essential skills for their age group as well as reinforcement of biblical principles.

Pre-K and Elementary programs emphasize learning and social development while Middle School and High School programs continue the themes of life-long learning and living for Christ.  Our staff and faculty are committed to teaching excellence, achievement, but more importantly, preparing your student to face the challenges of life outside of the institutional walls of Christian education.  Equipping your children with biblical truths, meaningful educational experiences, and social skill development will help prepare them to enter the world with a focus on being the hands and feet of Christ.  These are not just words at ICS…each of us attempts to live out our faith daily.


HS/MS Conduct Pledge

A pledge to conduct myself in a “manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Philippians 1:27
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Study Aids

Quizlet Live allows students to practice teamwork and communication skills and check for understanding. Your student will need a code from his teacher then CLICK HERE for Quizlet.