High School

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Congrats, Jess Emfinger,
recipient of the 2016-2017 Lion Award!


Message from the High School Principal

At ICS, we endeavor every day to live out
what it means to be a “Christ-centered learning
community.” In the high school, we are intentional
about working together to create retreats, plan special
events, and foster dynamic small groups in order to
provide opportunities for meaningful connection and
community. Field Study trips, the Fall Ball, Mr. ICS,
Homecoming Week, Junior Senior Banquet, and service
projects are just a part of what happens beyond the
school walls here at ICS. But some of our favorite
memories from the past year were those times when
our high school students and faculty were engaged with
our middle school and elementary age students, reading, playing, worshipping, and
even praying together. Our goal is that every student in the high school is individually
known and loved and challenged as a part of our ICS family.

At the same time, we desire not only to know and nurture our community of students,
but we are passionate about learning. We work diligently to equip and inspire our
students so that they will thrive in the world God has created. Learning is at the center
of all that we do, and our high school faculty are not only expert teachers, but they also
understand the power of Christian education to transform the lives and minds of our
students. Our outstanding ACT scores as well as our college scholarship and
acceptance letters are clear evidence of the excellence of the education here at ICS. 
But it’s more than that. Together we’re building a worldview so that we can begin to
see the world from God’s perspective as we embrace deep understanding and
become critical thinkers.

And finally, above all, we desire to be Christ-centered in all that we do. Whether we’re
competing on the basketball court, engaging in service projects around town, ministering
across the southwest through our annual Music Tour, or performing on the stage, our
desire is to worship God through every aspect of our lives. It’s who we were made to be!

So whether you’re a new high school student at ICS or you have been walking these halls
since preschool, we’re glad you’re here!  We’re excited that you’re a part of what God is
doing here at ICS.

Dr. Brett Armstrong
Dean of High School


Congrats, Seniors!

Our Class of 2017 received, at current estimations, $2,180,600 in scholarship
offers. For the 20 graduates receiving ICS diplomas, each student on average
was offered $109,030 in scholarships. 4 of those students were admitted to
the Honors College of their chosen universities and 3 students received CNA
certifications preparing the way for their Nursing degrees. One graduate
was offered a full volleyball scholarship. We are proud of the accomplishments
of these graduates and are excited to see how they will glorify God in
this next adventure!



Congrats, Senior Abigail Florell!

Abigail Florell worked alongside physicians from
the University of Utah and Rockefeller University
in New York City on a project that culminated in a
first author publication in a peer reviewed medical
journal. This is very rare accomplishment for a
high school student, making Abigail one of only
a few in the nation with a scientific publication on
their resume. We are proud of Abigail's commitment
to her studies and her dedication to work on this
paper that took over a year to compose. Just another
reason to be Lion Proud!