Poetry and Tea Time a Success!




What a grand time was had by all
who attended September's Poetry
and Tea Time.

From the Librarian:

What fun I had at The Wild Robot Reading Rendezvous!
Loving books and celebrating in connecting to the characters and each other is so delightful! I especially enjoyed connecting with parents who desire to nurture a thriving Reading Culture in their homes.
Although I did not mention The Wild Robot, while meeting in the library on Friday evening, I do want to take a quick moment to do so now. Peter Brown’s favorite character, Roz, sadly left the island her readers found so inviting. Her story picks up shortly after Roz’s exit in The Wild Robot Escapes. If you’ve not read Peter Brown’s second children’s novel, delve in now with another read-aloud. Your children will treasure time spent with you, Roz and her new friends as Roz discovers where she truly belongs.
Another “island” book I highly recommend is Abel’s Island by William Steig.
Abelard Hassam Di Chirico Flint, better known as Abel, is a wealthy mouse who is highly privileged until one day … Readers will grow with Abel as he finds himself (much the same as Roz) trapped on a deserted island. This book, like The Wild Robot is another fairly quick read, another treasure and it may even stir in you a bit of time for reflection. And we can all agree a bit of time for reflection is a most welcome and renewing gift.
The Wild Robot Reading Rendezvous 
Thank you for celebrating as families at our Wild Robot Reading Rendezvous last week. I was especially encouraged while listening to Jennifer Adema and Sam & Mandy Begg as they shared their family's reading culture. Both families have experienced the power of connecting with their children through books. If I could have a "do over", I would definitely make a video of the evening as it was an encouraging event.
Jennifer Adema was asked to share the article she spoke of (CLICK HERE) with titles of books she found for her daughter, Amelia. As mentioned in her conversation with us, not all books on the list are books she believes her daughter is "ready" for. The books she has invited Amelia to read have given Jennifer an opportunity to "walk in another's shoes" that Amelia's privileged life has not experienced. Through these and many other books, Amelia safely travels alongside characters that live a life infinitely different from hers and develops right along with them.

If you too loved the comradeship of a reading culture and would like to gather again for more encouragement and support, please CLICK HERE. Dependent upon participation, we would like to continue this forum.

Shelly Davidson
School Librarian