Teacher Wish Lists FILLED!



As a result of our ICS Community's overwhelming generosity at this winter's Scholastic Book Fair, our teachers received some great books for their classroom libraries. Thank you!

Borrowing Books!

Monday morning wrapped up our Scholastic book fair activities. That morning, Mrs. McComb’s Kindergarten students waltzed into the library with eyes full of expectation. Seeing the books displayed in the front of our “reading rug,” they were thrilled with the knowledge that this was the day Mrs. Davidson’s treasured books would go home for a visit with some ICS students. Like the kindergarteners, I too was excited. But I was also anxious.
I nervously thought not all students would get to borrow my books, and I anticipated their level of joy dropping before our library time ended. Thankfully, I underestimated the hearts of these kindergarteners.
Because we had chatted about this eventful Library Class for many days, the students knew the drill. A letter, informing parents of my plan and requesting their signature of approval was sent home. Students were required to return this letter in order to participate. As expected, not all the children returned the signed letter hence, my disappointment. Furthermore, not all the students who returned their signed letter would have the opportunity to choose a book to take home. Students watched in anticipation as the “Get Caught Reading” tickets were drawn from the jar. Each hoped their ticket would be drawn so they could choose a “Mrs. Davidson book”.
Students sitting on the rug glanced from time to time at the oodles of books as I pulled the first ticket. After I read the first name, one student (whose name was not chosen) began a cheerful clap that resonated with the others. The entire class erupted with joy for this and every student thereafter whose ticket was pulled out of the jar. 
Our sinful nature shouts, “Me, me, me!” However, this class of five-year-olds joyfully and sincerely shared in the good fortune of their friends. 

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” (Philippians 1:6)

What a blessing enveloped me when I returned to Mrs. McCombs the students she cherishes. 

Getting in the Christmas spirit with this Christmas picture book

The Littlest Watchman by Scott James is a beautiful, new kids' book following the adventures of a boy who waits for, and then witnesses, the first Christmas. CLICK HERE to join the watch for the return of the King with The Littlest Watchman.