High School

We believe that being part of an athletic team can be important to the overall development of the child. It builds team-building skills, endurance and character. In high school,students have the opportunity to play a sport during each season, fall, winter and spring. The student can play all three seasons or they can play just one seasonal sport.


FALL                           WINTER                          SPRING

Boys Baseball          Boys Basketball            Boys Soccer            
Girls Volleyball         Girls Basketball             Girls Soccer
                                                                      Boys/Girls Golf










Practices:                                    July 25-28, 8-11am at Bywater Park
                                                   July 31-August 2, 8-11am at Bywater Park
Valley Baseball Tournament       August 3-5
Practices:                                    August 7-9, 8-11am at Bywater Park
Preview Tournament at
Richfield, Utah                            August 9-10

More information on practice and game schedules coming soon.
If you are interested in playing, contact Josh Longoria at longoria_j@slcics.org.