Middle School

The purpose of the ICMS athletic program is to bring glory to God and to train servant student-athletes through:

  • Applying Biblical values and principles to ALL areas of life.
  • Caring for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of others and themselves.
  • Participate in God’s Kingdom by demonstrating Christ-like characteristics to all.
  • Work cooperatively with others to accomplish a goal.

ICS Middle School is a member of the WAC (Wasatch Athletic Conference). We compete against 8 other private and parochial teams from the Ogden and Salt Lake areas. WAC teams are divided into 3 Divisions: A and B: 6th -8th C: 5th-6th.  We offer the following sports:


Girls Volleyball
Boys Soccer


Boys Basketball 
Girls Basketball


Girls Soccer 
Coed Cross Country                       

Each sport season typically consists of 8 weeks with a commitment of 3 days/week, 12-16 practices (held right after school), 8 games and one post-season tournament. Most practices are held at other facilities since the ICS gym is used by the high school teams, and we do not have a soccer field.



Are there cuts?

There are no cuts. All students who participate in practice will play during the regular season competitions. If a student is unable to make it to practice they must notify their coach prior to the practice session. A student must attend 50% of the school day to participate in a game or practice.

Why are most practices held at other locations?

ICS middle school shares gym space with the high school. The high school has priority due to the highly competitive nature of Class 1A high school sports and the difference in philosophy between high school (winning) and middle school (participation) athletics. ICS has no soccer field and therefore all soccer games and practices are held off campus at MountView Park in Cottonwood Heights or Falcon Park in Sandy.

Where are the other locations?

Practices are usually within 10 minutes of ICS while games are anywhere from Salt Lake to Ogden. The other locations are churches (Southeast Christian 1881 E. Vine Street), recreation centers, and schools anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour from ICS.

Who provides transportation?

Transportation is organized by ICS and provided by parent and teacher volunteers.

Are there practices on Saturdays or days when ICS does not have school?

Typically not. There are usually practices on half-days however.

What determines if my son or daughter will be on the A or B or C team?

Teams are usually determined by grade. Ideally, the A team is composed of 8th graders, B team 7th graders, and C team 6th graders. 5th graders would then play in a Saturday recreation league. However, because individual interest level, talent level, and the number of boys and girls in each class vary from year to year, teams are often a combination of grades.    

Are there extra costs involved?

Yes, there is a sports fee of $85-100 associated with each sport to help cover expenses. The fee will be charged to your school FACTS account after the season has begun and the final roster established. Sports fees are used to offset the costs of gym/field rental, WAC conference fees, official fees, coaching stipends, uniforms, equipment, etc.