Parent Clubs

At ICS, we value parent support. It is a resource upon which we greatly depend. Whether it is through finances, time spent in prayer or volunteering in the hundreds of ways, our parents are what make us a community that equips and inspires students to thrive in God's world.

Two organizations available to the ICS community are Parent Teacher Fellowship and Parents in Prayer. Both organizations have many needs and greatly desire your help and support. Please prayerfully consider helping in this capacity. Volunteering for either or both will give you parent service hours. 

We ask that every family give 20 hours of their time to ICS. If you cannot find a way to volunteer, please contact Tiffany McDermaid in the front office at 801-365-0370. She keeps a list of volunteer opportunities, as well as parent hours already served. If you are unable to fulfill your parent service hours, you will be billed at $25 per unserved hour.