Roar Store

Come and Get your Spirit Wear!

The Roar Store is always available...just come to the front office and look at our selection. Get roar ready with t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, drink tumblers and more! See just a few of our items below.

Hoodies and Long Sleeve Tees

Brick Long Sleeve Tee (worn by Mrs Lyzenga and Mrs Edwards) $15
Maroon Hoodie with Embroidered Lion Mascot (worn by Sammie Tewell) $25

Blue Pocket Tee, Baseball Tee

Long Sleeve Pocket Tee (worn by Mrs. Clement) $20
Baseball Tee (worn by Mrs. Stoddard) $20

Mens Black Polo

Men's Black Polo (worn by Mr. Wirkus) $35

Womens Quarter Zip

Women's Quarter Zip (worn by Mrs. Schumacher) $30

Bleacher Seat

Bleacher Seat $30