Elementary and Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood and Elementary programs at Intermountain Christian School exist to partner with parents in training up their children to know and love the Lord. We desire to create a Christ-centered learning community where each child is known and loved. Academic excellence is the expectation and teachers set the bar high, encouraging our students to reach it. Faith and learning are integrated in each subject area as children build a foundation of faith to follow for a lifetime.  Core classes are enriched with music, art, physical education, Spanish, computers, and library classes.


Middle School

Our Middle School program focuses on academics as well as social and spiritual growth.  Building on a strong sense of community, we encourage learning, teamwork, and developing a deeper walk with Christ. Core classes include Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies with electives in art, health, leadership, music, physical education, Spanish, STEM, and theater.


HIgh school

Our High School program is designed to foster independence in our students. We desire to equip them with both knowledge and wisdom so they are well prepared for their future. With a focus on Christ-like character, we equip students who can learn, lead, and influence the world. Core classes include Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish. Students benefit from offerings in art, debate, financial literacy, health, leadership, music, physical education, and theater.

ICS by the Numbers

10:1 Student to Faculty ratio

18 students: Average class size

25.88: Average ACT Score (20.9: national average)

55% of faculty with Advanced Degrees

90% of students attend 4-year college after graduation

1 to 1 Technology in the classroom for High school & Middle school

2 to 1 Technology in the classroom for Elementary School

7 AP classes

94% student engagement in CO-CURRICULARS

86th percentile for Reading, 88th percentile for Language Arts: NWEA MAP (50th percentile for National average) 

Student Learning Outcomes

ICS educates students to become:

Effective communicators who...

  • express ideas clearly and creatively through various mediums.

  • listen critically with competency.

  • talk through issues and lean into conflict resolution.

Literate individuals who...

  • integrate their learning through application into real-world situations.

  • read fluently with comprehension for pleasure and educational development.

  • develop a strong foundation in all academic disciplines.

  • access, analyze, evaluate and present information using diverse resources.

Critical thinkers and problem solvers who...

  • apply creativity and persistence, and develop awareness of their own thinking in defining problems and developing strategies to solve them.

  • demonstrate flexibility in thinking.

Self-directed, productive learners who...

  • seek personal excellence in intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical endeavors.

  • independently pursue learning.

  • set, achieve, and reflect on personal and collective goals.

  • make healthy choices.

Constructive community members who...

  • have a clear sense of self and exhibit honesty and integrity.

  • work collaboratively and effectively with their peers.

  • show respect for one another.

  • contribute their time, energies, and talents to improve the quality of life in our families, schools, and communities.