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ICS Library  January and February News 2019 

Readers Theater

During the first part of this school year students from 5th Grade and 3rd Grade diligently prepared a Readers Theater play for their Reading Buddies. They preformed the play before we left for Christmas. Fourth Grade is hoping to share their Reader's Theater play with their Reading Buddies in February. Grade 2 begins Reader's Theater practice in January. By March, First Grade will do the same with Kindergarten soon to follow.

Class Picture Book Boxes

Throughout the first half of the school year all Elementary grades and Kindergarten enjoyed read-aloud story time from Mrs. Davidson's personal stash of picture books. After reading a picture book, we "graph" a photo of it on the box designated for that class. The first class to fill it's box with photos of picture books will be celebrating their win sometime in February (our Read-Aloud Challenge month). What that celebration will be is yet to be disclosed. 

Mrs. Davidson's Picture Books

Mrs. Davidson's picture books mentioned above, and many other personal picture books will be available for borrowing during the month of February. Picture books are usually a fairly quick read (approx. 10 minutes) and the stories open doors for many conversations. Those conversations grow the much needed relationships for community that promotes and grows a  friendly conversation. Because February 2019 is our month to celebrate reading through a Winter Read-Aloud Challenge, picture books are a perfect gateway for success in this challenge. Please be on the lookout in mid-January for information on borrowing Mrs. Davidson's personal books as well as information for the ICS Winter Read-Aloud Challenge. 

Read-Aloud Parent Meeting

Please join the ICS librarian to discuss the importance of reading aloud with children. Before school begins on Wednesday, January 30 you will learn why reading aloud to children is the best predictor for school success (8:45-9:15 AM). Although academic success is absolutely a goal, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Click Here to Sign Up.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, but want to know more about reading aloud and the enrichment it provides your child, please send an email my way.

I'll make available a time to meet with you, sharing a quick review of the information meeting above.

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