A message from our athletic director 

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Welcome to Intermountain Christian School Athletics! Our Christian school in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a competitive athletic program with a focus on winning with integrity so athletes may exemplify Jesus Christ on the volleyball court, baseball diamond, basketball court, or soccer field! Our athletic program provides a microcosm of the real world through sports which encourages student athletes to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to develop into men and women who will be Christian leaders in the world. Every one of our athletes is challenged throughout the season and does not walk away empty-handed at its close.  GO LIONS!

Tim Drisdom - Athletic Director


ICS's Philosophy of Athletics

ICS athletic programs equip our athletes to thrive in God’s world by using athletic competition to develop our athletes spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Competing wholeheartedly “to win the prize” creates a vulnerability within us that opens our hearts to embracing deep and meaningful truths in our lives.  Our athletes, as they pursue excellence in the crucible of competition, learn lessons that cultivate character and draw them into a fuller understanding of their relationship to God.

This is a statement that we stand by as an athletic department. We understand that our athletes not only play a variety of sports, but also participate in Debate, Theatre, Ensemble, Band, Bells, Choir, Student Council and more. We want them doing all things wholeheartedly. 

Athletes are pushed to their limit throughout the school year. Competing at high levels and attaining personal goals...in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities they are involved in. 

Sports Programs


ICS sports

  • Basketball (High School & Middle School)

  • Soccer (High School & Middle School)

  • Volleyball (High School & Middle School girls)

  • Baseball (High School & Middle School)

  • Cross Country (Middle School)

  • Golf (High School)

Sports by Season


  • Girls Volleyball (High School & Middle School)

  • Baseball (High School)

  • Boys Soccer (Middle School)

  • Cross Country (Middle School)


  • Basketball (High School & Middle School)


  • Soccer (High School & Middle School Girls)

  • Golf (High School)

  • Baseball (Middle School Boys)

Schedules & Contact Information


All practice, games, and tournament schedules are kept inside of your TeamSnap account. If you need help getting setup with TeamSnap, please contact Christie Jackson.