Chapel and Small Groups at ICS

Chapel is an integral part of campus life for each student at Intermountain Christian School.  Chapel speakers are varied, and topics covered are inspirational, challenging, and uplifting. Through chapel and small groups our students are inspired, mentored, and encouraged. 

Tim and Camilla Worship.jpg
Small groups are not only a great place to get rejuvenated and spiritually filled up with my fellow peers, they are also one of the highlights of my week. I love the authenticity that everyone brings. In small groups no one pretends to have it all together; we’re all trenching through this thing called life and it’s great to know that we’re not alone.
— Clinton
At our school we worship God every week with music. It’s awesome!
— London
It’s a place to open up and share our struggles with the group. And in return we help others around us open up. It’s definitely not a judgmental place; we all help one another and lead each other back to Christ.
— Sara
I love the opportunity small groups provide me to take a step deeper into the lives of our students. Ultimately, I want to teach at ICS, to be a voice in students’ lives that can speak truth and love. Small groups are the perfect chance for that. I have only just started at ICS, but already small groups are one of my favorite times and it has already made a huge impact on me.
— Matt, Faculty
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I love that we can be open and feel safe in our discussions, and that everyone is so encouraging to one another!
— Bella