Beyond the Classroom

At ICS, we acknowledge that because God is creative, and we were created in His image, He desires for us to be creative as well. Our God-given talents are an area where we can praise Him and make His name famous in all the earth. To that end, Intermountain Christian School desires to equip and inspire its students to cultivate those gifts in order to thrive in God's world. We do this through multiple avenues, all integrating a biblical worldview. We offer Speech and Debate; Music in the form of concert band, jazz band, chapel band, hand bell choirs, and vocal ensembles; Theater; and Visual Arts expressed in painting, ceramics, and photography. We invite our students to explore their talents and grow outside of their comfort zones in trying new avenues by which to glorify their creative Maker.


fine arts

The philosophy of the Elementary Art Department is Explore, Discover, Share. Explore art and the world around you, discover art and the artist within you and finally, share art through finished works. The students have opportunity to explore and discover the creative process individually and as a community.



ICS offers concert band, jazz band, chapel band, pep band, vocal ensembles, and handbell choirs. One of the greatest and most unique experiences ICS offers is Music Tour, an outreach to underprivileged children. Past and present students often mention this trip while sharing about their ICS experience.



In the dance ensemble program our desire is to provide an opportunity for students to EXPLORE the art of dance, DISCOVER their ability to move creatively and to SHARE creative movement through worship.


concerts and art shows

The spring music concerts for both elementary and secondary students are showcases of the culmination of the work the students have accomplished through the year. They are truly a time a celebration and enjoyment of God’s good gift of music and the arts. The many ICS performing groups prepare pieces that reflect the musical growth and abilities of the students.  Ranging from the beginning bells and bands all the way through high school choir, and instrumental ensembles, the spring concerts are without fail a highlight of the school year for students and families alike.  

Region Debate Winners.jpg

speech & debate

ICS has won the Utah State Championship 4 times: 2006, 2011, 2017 and 2018.

Speech and Debate is a competitive course for students who desire to learn higher level critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills. Students will learn philosophical and factual debate along with spontaneous argumentation, oratory, extemporaneous, and impromptu speaking. 


theater arts

We provide students the opportunity to participate in yearly dramatic productions that allow them to grow their abilities as performers and communicators. Producing both middle school and high school productions, as well as combined middle school/high school productions, ICS seeks to choose material that is wholesome and edifying, as well as challenging and entertaining.
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