Message from the Guidance Counselor

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Students at ICS are known as individuals, and they are supported and encouraged as they develop skills and qualities that will allow them increased opportunities in the future. The guidance counselor monitors and communicates with students and families regarding opportunities in and out of school, credits, course choices, etc.

Freshmen and sophomores will take the ACT Aspire exam which not only provides feedback on the student’s strengths and needs, but provides valuable practice for the ACT college entrance exam. Sophomores will take a class led by the guidance counselor called Careers. In this class, students learn a career decision-making model, explore their unique SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences), the world of work (including Work Values and Holland’s Vocational Personality Theory) and hear from speakers regarding various careers and career paths.

Sophomores and juniors alike will have the opportunity to take the PSAT exam which is the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship as well as an excellent practice experience for the SAT college entrance exam.

Sophomores and their families will meet with the guidance counselor to discuss the college application process to help understand what lies ahead in their high school journey.

Juniors and their families will meet for a more in-depth exploration of the college application experience.

Seniors benefit from a class entitled Senior Seminar which is will begin preparing them for life after high school. An important component of this class is a series of sessions with the guidance counselor specifically focusing on college preparation and help for the college application process.

Seniors and their parents will meet with the guidance counselor to plan the student’s senior year and discuss an individual plan for college applications, scholarships, financial aid and preparation for the next chapter of life. Letters of recommendation are written with the depth and knowledge of who the student is that only a small school can provide. Whether it’s discussing choices of secular or Christian colleges and universities or just chatting about the direction the student feels the Lord is leading them, the door is always open!

Miriam Phinney
Intermountain Christian School
Guidance Counselor

College Visits to ICS

Each College will present an info session to interested students and parents during high school lunch in an assigned classroom (usually 206) from 12:00-12:25. Please take advantage of the opportunity to learn a little about these great schools while eating your lunch!

If you have interest in one or more of these schools, you can sign up for an individual meeting with the college admissions counselor during community time or other time. College visits for 2018-2019 TBD.