The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program at ICS focuses on the overall developmental needs of each individual child. The materials in the classrooms were intentionally selected to provide an environment that not only encourages a self-motivated desire to learn, but also nurtures the faith and physical growth of each child.

Message from the Lower School Principal

Welcome to Intermountain Christian School!  This Early Childhood Education Program is designed to partner with parents to engage children as they develop a sense of community centered on Christ. These young children will not only learn the building blocks for future academic success, but they will discover how they fit into this world. 

We believe that God created each of these children with a divine plan for their lives. We want to help develop every aspect of their person in order to provide them with the ability to discover, for themselves, what God’s will is for them. 

At this age, children are faced with daily challenges. Whether they’re trying to understand a basic reading or math skill, working through acts of selflessness with their peers, or simply learning to tie their shoes; our teachers are here to support and encourage them.

Thank you, we look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Lauri Bradt
Lower School Principal 



ICS’s preschool offers opportunity to learn through play. Through centers with changing themes, our littlest students have the chance to explore and learn about the world around them, and how God created each one of them in a special and unique way. Our teachers promote independence during all activities, preparing them for academic success in years to come.  ICS preschoolers are required to be 3 and fully potty trained by September 1. We offer a 3 and a 5 day program, as well as half and full day options.

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Pre-Kindergarten serves as a preparatory class for soon-to-be kindergartners and elementary students. Our Pre-K students learn through active play in a classroom conducive to fun and just the right amount of structure! We incorporate our outside play areas throughout the day and throughout each season. Our classes plant and harvest from their own gardens as well as sled during the winter! Our experienced teachers promote learning in a Christ-centered atmosphere, where He is at the center of all we do at ICS.

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Most parents want a good, solid education for their child. Finding a kindergarten program can be the beginning of a positive start to real schooling and can set the stage for lifelong learning. Kindergarten, although not required by many states, allows opportunity to learn and practice critical social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that they will use throughout their schooling.

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