Student Council

Student Council “StuCo” is our governing student body. This group of elected members organizes school sponsored activities such as dances, spiritual retreats, Homecoming, Mr. ICS, and so much more. Elections are held at the end of spring semester for positions in the following school year. StuCo meets as an elective class which trains its members in leadership and service skills. During this class time, the members will also plan and execute upcoming events.

Anna Florell.jpg

StuCo President
 Anna Florell 

Isabel Aste.jpg

StuCo vice President
  Isabel Aste  

Emma Clement.jpg

StuCo Secretary/Treasurer
 Emma Clement  

Mary Pimentel.jpg

StuCo Spiritual Life
 Mary Pimentel 

Katelyn Jackson.jpg

StuCo Activities
 Katelyn Jackson

Class Officers - 2018-2019

Senior Class

President: Madison Brady
Vice President: Anna Grace Davidson

Junior Class

President: Bri Phillips
Vice President: Claire Frankos

Sophomore Class

President: Taylor Little
Vice President: Gunnar Schram

Freshman Class

President: Lucy Cole
Vice-President: Amelia Valente

Congratulations to the 2018 High School and

Middle School Honor Roll Recipients

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