We provide students the opportunity to participate in yearly dramatic productions that allow them to grow their abilities as performers and communicators. Producing both middle school and high school productions, as well as combined middle school/high school productions, ICS seeks to choose material that is wholesome and edifying, as well as challenging and entertaining. 

Sixth graders are able to take a semester long Beginning Drama class that teaches them the fundamentals of drama and incorporates presenting a basic performance. 

Seventh and eighth graders can take a semester long drama course in which they continue their study of drama and participate in a larger production than sixth grade drama. 

High school students are invited to audition for and participate in a spring production, which sometimes includes other grade levels. These productions are often musicals. However, not every part involves singing, so a student need not be a singer to participate in these productions.

Department head


Tess Tally holds a Bachelors of Music Education from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and has over 15 years of teaching experience having taught at the Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies and Cincinatti Hills Christian Academy High School.

“Through studying the art of drama, students become better communicators, stronger empathizers, and more cultured citizens of an increasingly global world.  Students can both enjoy these traits now in their current sphere of influence, and go on to use them to communicate the gospel and impact the world for Christ’s kingdom. “

Tess Tally

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