Rich History

Founded in 1982, Intermountain Christian School (ICS) is a top 10, Preschool -12 private school in Salt Lake City and the only non-denominational Preschool-12 Christian school in the area. We are a Christ-centered learning community that equips and inspires students to thrive in God's world. With high standards in academics, athletics, and co-curricular options, we prepare and spiritually equip students to become better servants, leaders, and people of influence for Christ in their homes, communities, and the world. We are fully accredited by AdvancED.

Biblical Worldview

The ICS community affirms students as individuals and encourages them to solidify their identity in Christ, take ownership of their faith, and develop their unique shape and talents while growing as image bearers of God. We share a goal of seeing our students thrive in God’s world. The ICS community, in prayer and practice, desires that our students flourish in living passionate and fulfilled lives, using their gifts to impact Christ’s kingdom while at ICS and wherever they are called.

Academic Excellence

Our students earn well above average ACT scores (25.88 vs. the national average of 20.9) as we offer AP classes and a focus on critical thinking skills across the curriculum. 55% of our faculty hold advanced degrees. Additionally, an average scholarship offer was $109,000 per ICS graduate in 2017, compared to the national average of $9,577 (

A Christian Community

The culture of Intermountain Christian School is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Families and teachers partner together, informed by Scripture, to educate children about God, His world, and their place in it. The Christ-centered learning community is one in which students are challenged academically, encouraged spiritually, and led to embrace all that God has created them to be.

Our Teachers Invest

The faculty and staff at ICS are fervently passionate about building the next generation of leaders, lifelong learners, and disciple-makers. That passion exudes from all they do from classroom instruction to conflict resolution. Our instructors are creative and differentiate for their students. They are advocates and inspirations, mentors and spiritual leaders, deeply invested in equipping each of their students.

Competitive and Purposeful Athletics

Our focus is on winning with integrity so ICS athletes may exemplify Jesus Christ on the court, diamond or field. As part of our mission, we support and encourage multi-sport athletes, to develop a well rounded athlete and deepen classmate relationships. Our coaches enthusiastically train their athletes to play with integrity and purpose, to push through challenges, and to win (or lose) with humility and grace. 

Enrichment Trips

Usually the highlight of the year for students, they participate in outside-of-the-classroom learning through day and week-long trips that offer spiritual, cultural, community service, and educational benefits. These trips are opportunities to bond, learn, and build their faith in Christ.

Fine Arts & Co-Curricular

Developing a well rounded, multi-skilled individual is deep-seated in our mission for students. From jazz band, ceramics, and theater to painting and State Champion debate teams, we propel students in their areas of interest. These options are available from elementary through high school.

Student Leadership and Independence

Supporting our mission of equipping students, we encourage and help our students to be servant leaders who thrive in God’s world as future teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, missionaries and more. Teachers, administrators and coaches work together in the classroom, sport arenas and enrichment trips to grow the leadership skills, independence and confidence in our kids.

Student Engagement

We encourage our students to engage and participate in many of the extra co-curriculars that ICS offers. Nearly 94% of our high school students are involved in one or more extracurricular activity, this involvement aids our students as they develop their gifts and abilities to become successful and well-balanced during and after high school.