The philosophy of the Elementary Art Department of Intermountain Christian School is Explore, Discover, Share. Explore art and the world around you… Discover art and the artist within you... Share art through finished works as worship. To accomplish these goals, the students explore the 7 Elements of Art (line, shape, color, value, texture, form, space) through various mediums and processes such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and crafts. The students have opportunity to explore and discover the creative process individually and as a community.

God is the Master Artist. Through exploring His creation and becoming aware of basic shapes and elements of the natural world, students will be exposed to core requirements as set forth by the Utah State Board of Education: creating or making art, expressing their individual ideas in the artwork created, perceiving what possible meaning the artwork conveys, and contextualizing the art as it relates to the culture.

God has instilled in each of us a desire to create and express ourselves through various avenues. The Elementary Art program provides students the opportunity to do so through the Visual Arts.

JeQuita Lee
Intermountain Christian School
Art Teacher

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