• The Ulster Project

    This is a really nice blog and I will surely be sharing your blog with everyone I know. Good work like this really deserves to be circulated and shared.

  • Setting an Example

    Our elementary students were excited to have the opportunity this month to help individuals who had been affected by the hurricanes. Their eagerness to help reminds me of 1 Ti ... read more

  • An ICS Book Club Story: Marleni Pimentel Digs Deeper

    To say stories impact our lives isn't saying enough. Reading takes us places we many never go, and we experience the stories deep down in our subconcious thoughts and belie ... read more

  • What's up in Middle School?

       “What should be improved?” I hear Ben Gutzwiller, 6th Grader, ask. His STEM class is working on their latest project: figuring out how to have a paper c ... read more

  • The Ulster Project

       This summer I participated in a project called the ULSTER Project. The ULSTER Project has a goal of peace and focuses on decreasing strife between Northern Ir ... read more

  • 4 Essentials to Choosing a Great Kindergarten Program

    Most parents want a good, solid education for their child. Finding a kindergarten program can be the beginning of a positive start to real schooling and can set the stage for l ... read more

  • MS Spiritual Emphasis Week

      Spiritual Emphasis affected me because when we went on the hike I got to see how God sees SLC. It was cool eating lunch on the top [of the peak] thinking this migh ... read more

  • Amazing Grace...A Music Tour

         This spring I had the blessing of going on the annual ICS Music Tour and seeing firsthand how God changes the lives of those involved, both our stud ... read more


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01.16.2018 7:15 am - 8:00 am

Chapel Band Rehearsal Tim's Chapel Band

01.16.2018 12:05 pm - 12:30 pm

MS Community Time (6th and 7th Grades) Intramural Games

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Calling All Alumni!

If you know someone who graduated from ICS, no matter how long ago, we want to get in touch with them. Please have them contact Leslie Clement at 

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