“As a busy parent, who hopes to create a reading culture for your family, you might need to multi-task while read-aloud is happening. Instead of being the voice reading the story, allow an audible device (car, Audible App or CD player) to play that part. While prepping for dinner, folding laundry or driving to dance class, you, along with your children, will have the opportunity to hear exceptional vocabulary and the templates of beautiful language patterns.”

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Hopes for a 1A state title for Intermountain Christian hinge upon two sharpshooting juniors, and the role players who benefit

Stoddard is part of an offensive one-two punch at the 1A Intermountain Christian, which has a 7-3 overall record going into Tuesday’s matchup against Wendover, the top 1A school in the state. Stoddard and fellow junior Caleb Koski — a first-year transfer from Roy High School — each average 4.7 made 3-pointers per game, which is tied for first in the state and 12th in the country.

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6 Reasons Preschool is Good for Your Child

We at Intermountain Christian School know we have a great preschool program but many do not understand the value and worth in sending their 3 and 4 year olds to a structured, academic setting. Here at ICS we offer a program that nurtures and loves children of this preschool age, allowing them to flourish and grow. Our program also offers many benefits from teaching the ABCs and early math skills to developing their social and emotional skills.

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Lauri Bradt
Equipped, Inspired and Thriving!

ICS involved me in small groups, mentorships, and Christ-centered community through all twelve years I attended. Coming to college, I realized that this familiarity and solidarity in Christ was what I missed most. I am so thankful that I knew what a healthy body of believers looked like so I could find and create a similar type of uplifting and life giving community in my new home.

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Drew Little