Why is the Speech and Debate program so successful at Intermountain Christian School? As I asked this question to our Speech and Debate coach, Mrs. Croswhite, you would have thought the reasons would be too numerous to list, however, she redirected the conversation back to the students. She gave example after example of current students in her program and the successes of those who have graduated. I sat there waiting for her to list off what she, our top-ranked Speech and Debate coach, does to make our program the best, and the longer I sat there waiting, the clearer it became. The success of the Speech and Debate program is not necessarily about the high intelligence of the students (although that doesn’t hurt), but it is the way each student is valued as an individual. The Speech and Debate program began as a student-driven elective in 2002 and that is how it continues - as a culture of discipleship.

This culture of discipleship in the Speech and Debate program is where encouragement between students and hard work ethic equals success. 2015 Utah Speech Educator of the Year, our own Mrs. Croswhite teaches with the philosophy that recognizes how God has created each student individually and embraces the God-given talents they develop in her classroom. “The traditional philosophy says that certain events are better than others and the student needs to conform to those events. I disagree with that philosophy. I look at each student and their gifts and then cater the events to them, individually.” This is what makes Intermountain Christian School’s Speech and Debate program stand out and wildly successful. Mrs. Croswhite pushes each student to be their best and does not allow them to get away with anything less. “I set highs standards and then bend over backward to get them there.” Mrs. Croswhite has 20+ years of teaching experience and as she equips our ICS students, she inspires each one of them to thrive beyond the four walls of ICS.

Here are just a few of the program’s many success stories:

Amanda Soraiz (Class of 2008) - lawyer, actively litigates human trafficking cases

Patrick Schwarz (Class of 2011) - working on Ph.D. in Economics at MIT

Eric Henry (Class of 2017) - Special Forces, writes and analyzes military intelligence briefings

The one-on-one investment our faculty makes is part of the immense benefit our students are receiving. And, as our Speech and Debate coach says, “Our students can do more and be ore at ICS!” Congratulations to our 2018/2019 Region Champions and 2nd Place Speech and Debate State Champions! We are proud and honored to have you represent ourselves and ICS with such excellence!

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By Rachel Larson | Admissions and Marketing Director