Equipped, Inspired and Thriving!

Academically, ICS gave me tools to make the transition to college classes seamless. In college, the responsibility falls more upon the student to understand expectations and keep track of due dates. As I progressed through high school, my teachers were intentional about encouraging me to become an autonomous learner who pushed myself to do my best, and because of this I was not intimidated when I saw that same mentality used in my college courses. The small class size I was accustomed to at ICS also made me comfortable in one-on-one interactions with my teachers, which was invaluable as I began to interact individually with my professors. Connecting with professors is essential to doing well in college class. They are the ones you consult with if you are struggling with the material and are also the ones who could recommend you for on-campus jobs, resume-building experiences, or future internships. ICS made me comfortable talking with my educators, which proved to be especially helpful as I got involved on campus.

While the academic preparation was very useful, I most noticed that ICS shaped me for the better concerning social life. ICS involved me in small groups, mentorships, and Christ-centered community through all twelve years I attended. Coming to college, I realized that this familiarity and solidarity in Christ was what I missed most. I am so thankful that I knew what a healthy body of believers looked like so I could find and create a similar type of uplifting and life giving community in my new home. My background at ICS grounded me in my faith so that when I was tested by the temptations and loneliness of first semester, I was able to persevere, knowing that God was with me and wanted me to thrive at George Fox University as well. 

I love the fun-filled, 24/7 craziness of college life! It is truly a thrilling time in life where school, home-life, and friendships all happen simultaneously. But not a week goes by when I do no gladly reminisce over the community 800 miles away that shaped me into who I am — a beloved daughter of God and a capable student, Cana Buckley.

By Cana Buckley

Drew Little