Not Unto Us: Unsung Servants at ICS

Behind the scenes of ICS, faithful women and men labor each school day in loving service to their Savior and the school. The unsung nature of their lives echoes the words of the psalmist,
“Not unto us Lord, not unto us, but to your name be the glory!” Psalm 115:1

These selfless servants play key roles at the school including secretarial, reception, organization, finance, marketing, admissions, maintenance, technology, and special projects.

What do operational team members do? They make it easy for faculty and staff to educate their students. They implement the vision of the principals and head of school. They meet the practical needs of 55 staff members, 340 students, and over 200 families.

But what do they really do?
They tirelessly coordinate hot lunch and parent-teacher conferences, while answering phones, and comforting a sick or injured child, ALL AT ONCE!

They faithfully note the weekly MS and HS student birthdays and ball games, schedule daily subs, and email report cards out on time.

They carefully calculate tuition, needs-based assistance spreadsheets, and bank deposits, then graciously answer any and all monthly billing questions.

They creatively design snazzy MAROON Lion T-shirts and keep the website and school-wide announcements up-to-date and on point.

They joyfully introduce the school to new families and patiently walk with them each step of the way as new students apply and enroll.

They dutifully book soccer fields and basketball gyms, corral the myriad of school activities and events into a usable master calendar, keep score at games, and schedule buses to get all the students safely to their various destinations right on time.

They meticulously set-up Surface Pros and Chromebooks, reconnect printers, align projectors, maintain wireless networks, and troubleshoot equipment errors.

They amazingly pull off memorable events like Annual Fund Celebration and Day of Service, rarely missing a detail.

They humbly plunge clogged toilets, change burnt out light bulbs, and setup and tear down the cafeteria and gym for chapel, lunch, and basketball games.

Whew - it’s a lot of work to help a school operate!

While these servants may often go UNNOTICED, let's hope they never go UNAPPRECIATED.

How thankful we are to God that ICS can offer an exemplary education because of their tireless work, their joyful smiles, and their constant example of faithful lives serving the God they love!

By Matt Parker

Drew Little